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Do you want to fix your own car? It might seem hard to fix a car, but it is rewarding when you can do it. You can save a ton of money and lengthen your car's life. Read on to learn how to do basic car repairs in your own driveway.

Save fuel by driving as if you have a glass of water sitting on your dashboard. This practice helps you avoid jack rabbit starts and quick stops. Each time you accelerate quickly, the engine of your car uses more fuel than it would if you were to accelerate at a gradual increase in speed.

If your car, suv, or truck one day begins chirping or making a weird louder noise then pay attention. Its an obvious warning sign. Man self proclaimed mechanics ignorre this. You should suspect that something is not working correctly and a part needs either adjusting or maybe it mus be replaced (even better). Troubleshooting and fault isolating a mechanical problem on your automobile is a job best done at an auto mechanic shop. For one, it can be inconvenient to look under a car without a professional vehicle lift.

Basic maintenance like oil changes are actually very easy to do yourself. You only need at ramp, a pan, and a few basic tools. Just be sure to check with your city or county government ahead of time to determine best places to take the dirty and used up oil. It is rather detrimental for mother nature plus uncle Sam says its a no no. Additionally, most people know but ignore that there are extreme penalties and fees for improper disposal of motor oil (and other car fluids like radiator coolant).

Independent repair garages and automotive mechanics are the best way to go. For obvious reasons, small mom and pops type of businesses are generally a lot less expensive than big time or name brand auto dealerships. On the other hand, it is normal to get a price reduction at the car dealership in the event you bought a maintenance plan or sometimes as an incentive on a new car purchase. Find out about local independent garages with a good reputation instead.

Always ask existing clients about the mechanics behaviour. The auto mechanic may have certificates or what not on their wall but in reality it is not a guarantee that they can fix your car. Much more importantly, certifications are not necessarily an indication of honesty. When I go to a new mechanic I usually wait around in the lobby, let other customers go first so that I can hear if any of them have a problem with the service. Yes, a bit of snooping around but I do not want to be a victim. If a little something goes wrong, the mechanic's company should be responsible, of course they will first usually deny fault and if that does not work they try their insurance. It is rare but sometimes their insurance will take care of financial damages. If there is car insurance involved sometimes you are entitled to get a rental car or truck that you can rent at their expense until yours is fixed. A mechanic who is not certified does not have an insurance either.

Be open to asking any questions that cross your mind. Auto repair is a very complex thing. To make certain you are turning your vehicle over to a trustworthy repair shop, take the time to read online reviews of mechanics in your local area. By doing a bit of research on your own and soliciting the opinions of people you trust, you stand a better chance of finding a skilled professional to fix your car. Otherwise, you may end up making a decision you ultimately regret.

Don't get sucked into to the lure of aftermarket parts for new cars. You want your baby to run as well as possible for as long as possible, and that means spending the extra to get parts that match the ones already in your car. Trying to get that clunker to run just a few more miles? Save the money and take the aftermarket versions.

Speak with friends about auto shop recommendations before you pick a shop. You may have less of a search to do if they can give you the name of someone great. Research any recommendations you get. At the very least, look to online reviews to check out how others feel about the shop in question.

If you take your car to an auto repair shop to get one thing fixed and they tell you that other repairs are needed, thank them for the information and decline the additional services. Go to several other places and get quotes before allowing them to do any more work on your car.

If you take your car into a shop, expect to be asked about additional service. However, you don't have to take them up on this. Simply get done what you need to get done.

When you have work done at an auto body shop you should always ask them to provide you with the parts that were replaced on your vehicle. This is important because some shops will claim that they fixed things that they did not, but if you have the old parts in hand, you know exactly what was removed.

Used Auto Parts

Buying auto parts is inevitable if you have a car for a very long time. Some like to save some money with used car parts. Whichever way you go it is best to avoid buying an unnecessary part by using free auto parts testing equipment, this diagnostic equiptment is loaned out by Checkers or Auto Zone and sometimes their techs will actually do the test for you. Automotive part stores are much more than happy with helping you. If they let the majority of the customers use it some will likely purchase the faulty part replacements at their store. You benefit because you may have a small problem you can fix or you can just tell your mechanic what you want done.

Lookout for claims that are too good to be true. They may just be trying to jack your price up. For one instance, there are certain manufacturers that sell transmission fluid that, according to the label, is claimed to really last a lifetime... um really? While it's not changed as much as typical trans fluid, it must be changed if you care about your car.

When you purchase certain items at auto parts stores, they will install them for free. Keep this in mind when you go and pick them up.

Don't feel intimidated about doing your own auto repairs. While the sights under a car's hood may seem foreign to you, a bit of education is all you need in order to do your own repairs. Remember this article if you need to refer to it. Quality auto repair can be possible if you use them to your advantage.